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peace pole art

Patrick Lempka of Lempka Architects recently had two designs selected for inclusion in the City of Lenexa's inaugural Peace Pole Community Art Project. Each design is required to contain some message of peace.

The first design (in the foreground) is a metaphor for the idea that although we are different in some ways there is also a commonality that unites us - recognizing this, accepting it and appreciating it promotes a more empathetic attitude towards each other and a more peaceful world. The neutral unpainted center is representative of our similarities and shared values. Neither our differences or similarities exist without the other and each is part of the larger whole. The message on the pole reads "Peace grows from embracing our similarities and celebrating our differences".

The second design is a patterned image of a smile sketch. The repetition of the sketch creates an overall artistic image from a distance while from close up the smile is discovered as the basis for the pattern. The piece speaks to the positive emotions and reactions we usually have as humans when another person approaches us with a smile. When you are on the receiving end of a smile you usually feel acceptance and a sense of being liked. The message on the pole reads "Share peace with a smile".



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