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Lempka  Architects’ desire is to provide our clients high-quality architectural solutions and design excellence within a framework of personal attention and service sometimes missing in large firms.  With Lempka Architects, the people you meet are the individuals who will work on your project.  You are ensured of direct principal involvement throughout. Our goal is to create an engaging and enjoyable project experience where the client's design and project aspirations have been exceeded.



At Lempka Architects, we start each project with no preconceptions. The process begins with inquiry. The result of inquiry is understanding. Understanding what drives a successful project from your perspective, allowing the development of a tangible program, initial project goals and guiding design principles. Although described as linear, the process seldom is. One piece of information informs another, parameters shift with budgetary or other requirements and the intuitive nature of the creative process combine to create a fluid, interactive dynamic.

As goals become clearer through this process, various design ideas are tested. While the physical results are never prescriptive we strive to create buildings “reflective of their time”. This does not mean a building adapts the style of an era. What it means is that a project design embraces and takes advantage of the materials, construction means, methodologies and technologies available to create the best design. It also results in a project that is relevant to you, end users, and the critical issues of our time, such as sustainability, energy efficiency, renewable resources and adaptability to change.

This does not necessarily mean a project turns its back upon references which are held special or revered within the community or by a client. Perhaps those connections are more interpretive in lieu of literal so that a project might have its own identity and find its own special inspirational place within our built environment.  


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ncarb, leed ap

With over thirty years of experience –  25 in the field of sports, leisure and recreation –  Patrick brings  a wealth of knowledge to his practice and a belief that no two places are alike.   He feels that the architecture should reflect the unique nature of the place – something evident in all his work. 

As a firm believer in a client-centered process, Patrick understands that listening is key.   He constantly strives to integrate the client’s core values with the critical issues of our time - so that the process is engaging and fun and the result is an architecture that excites, yet is responsive and relevant to the client’s needs. 


Over the course of his career Patrick has had the opportunity to live in and practice architecture in some unique and interesting places.  He has worked temporarily in France, Bangkok, and Australia and for three years lived with his family in Nuremberg, Germany when his wife took a position teaching with the Department of Defense and he found employment with a German architectural firm.  Living in and visiting so many different places was a wonderful opportunity and allowed him to experience firsthand some of the cultural differences between America and the rest of the world.  It  also reinforced that a focus on the human side of architecture and "the user experience" is critical to creating successful architecture - no matter where in the world you are.

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