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Sited on a level piece of land, the Wiedmann Residence is a single family home for a doctor and his wife.  The couple are avid art collectors and want the design of their home to provide ample opportunities to display their collection.  They also appreciate modern architecture and want their home to reflect the influence of that particular type of architecture.

Anchoring the entry level is a two-story atrium where art can be displayed.  A long wall along the dining and living room spaces is also intended to provide a location for art pieces.  The upper level plan incorporates a master and guest bedroom.  Both plan levels, because of a rotation away from orthogonal, exhibit a strong sense of geometry. 

The entry atrium is naturally lit, while flat roofs are utilized to strengthen the connection to modern German architecture.  A portion of the entry atrium cantilevers over the main entry of the house – strengthening the geometry and allowing protection from the elements.

Poured-in-place concrete is explored as an exterior skin.  Other materials represented are brushed stainless steel panels and butt glazing.


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