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When initially completed in the 1990’s,  the Ubben Basketball Practice Facility provided a state-of-the-art training facility for the University of  Illinois men and women’s basketball teams.   Over time however, the building has become under-programmed based on current trends.  


The new design focuses on providing a branded organizational spine which, provides an enhanced public entrance from the west parking lot, and also provides a secondary entrance from team/staff parking.  On the west end of the spine is a dramatic two-story hall of fame where the illustrious past and the future of the basketball programs will be celebrated.  Besides doubling the practice court space for each basketball program the new design increases the size of each team’s “home base” as well as support facilities and administrative offices.

The current basketball team facilities and offices on the north, will be converted into the new home for women’s soccer.  This location will provide convenient access to a new 1,000 seat soccer stadium with a festival plaza that will replace the current track/soccer venue immediately east of the new soccer team facilities.​

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