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The Seaton Hall/Seaton Court complex originally housed the College of Architecture, Planning and Design, and several departments of the College Of Engineering at Kansas State.

This facility was designed to replace a portion of the building that was condemned and was intended to be a shared "collaborative design studio / shop“.  Designed to accommodate student groups participating in the “hands-on" fabrication of special projects the space contains a freestanding element to accommodate restrooms and storage and to provide a wall surface for oversized marker boards.

Perforated metal elements are utilized to control light and sun at glazing and operable windows with power-assisted roof fans are utilized to assist in naturally ventilating the space.

An exterior terrace was designed into the project to provide a buffer from the adjacent service drive and to provide a space which can be utilized for gatherings or as an outdoor work or fabrication zone.  This project was placed on hold at the end of construction documents as the decision to replace the entire complex was made.​


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