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The Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium project is a 65 million dollar renovation and addition to one of the most storied facilities in college football.  Key components of this project are an east side expansion and the remodeling of the north end zone façade and athletic offices.  The east side expansion includes the rerouting of Jenkins Avenue, 54  suites and 8,000 new seats- increasing capacity to over 80,000. Major entry points have been consolidated to improve and simplify stadium operations.

This project was seen as an opportunity to weave together the disparate architectural language of the existing building.  Influenced by the campus gothic architecture, the prominent use of brick and cast stone strengthens this connection, while key features such as the north entry clock and east towers reinforce axial conditions and create a memorable building image. The east ramp is screened with a stainless steel material to create a blending of the traditional and contemporary. The client’s desire to create a timeless design also carried into the interior where the generous use of wood and rich colors create an inviting environment and a sense of permanence.


  • 2004 Athletic Business Architectural Showcase Facility of Merit Award Winner


"With great proportions and layering, this facility is broken down to a human scale.  A model for all facilities of its type and scope."     

- Christopher Wynn - Judge 

"The design team created a new spirit, image and experience for Oklahoma football without losing the traditions of the past.  The university now has a stadium design as successful as its football program."   

 - Dave Dymecki  - Judge





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