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The Madrid Theatre is an event venue located in Kansas City, Missouri.  Starting out as a  silent movie house in 1926 the Spanish revival-style theatre has had a long and illustrious history.  Owned by Howard Hughes at one point - the theatre has been re-purposed many times over the years.


In 2001 the Madrid reopened to the public as an event space.  Recently, the current owners wanted to explore ideas to freshen up parts of the venue - in particular the main entry, the main bar, the stage proscenium arch, restrooms and miscellaneous finishes.  The ideas presented focused on capturing some of the tonality and texture of the Spanish revival exterior - in particular the multi-colored roof tiles and glazing - and introducing it into the interior spaces.  

Photoshopping of new ideas onto photos of the existing space was used extensively to assist the client in visualizing the impact of different concepts.​


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