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The KTBC-TV Newsroom is a remodel of a two-story office building into the newsroom for the KTBC-TV news staff.  The remodeled building  is located adjacent to the existing KTBC-TV newsroom facilities and an enclosed connection between the two buildings is required.  The client's desire is that the new space provide for one large newsroom along with edit bays and tape feed facilities. 


Upon investigation it was revealed that a bearing wall ran down one side of the main hallway of the existing building.  Using the new structural columns required to open the space up as an ordering device another row of columns (non-structural) were added to create two symmetrical rows of columns.  While giving some interest and definition to an irregular shaped space within the limited budget, the pairs of columns are also utilized to develop light and carpet patterns.  The lights at the top of each column serves to reinforce their rhythm while simultaneously reinforcing the ambiguity of structural versus non-structural columns.

Individual work stations are developed within the larger open space utilizing a low height modular furniture system to maintain view lines across the newsroom.​



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