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Lempka Architects, in collaboration with Iowa City based Shive-Hattery, completed a study in the spring of 2022  to understand the potential of renovating the University of  Iowa's existing Duane Banks Baseball Stadium.  The existing stadium is located on-campus and sits between Kinnick Stadium and Carver Hawkeye Arena in the university's athletic district.  


The stadium has undergone numerous renovations throughout the years but over time has become under-programmed based on current trends and in comparison to peer institutions. Of paramount concern is the condition and size of the existing press box - which may begin to place limitations on hosting NCAA baseball regionals and hamper day-of-game event functionality.  In addition, the existing seating bowl and associated amenities are in need of upgrading with an eye on improving the game day experience, patron comfort and overall facility image within a framework responsive to fundraising expectations.   The study also examined the feasibility of a couple revenue generating opportunities - looking at the potential of adding a future club lounge and outdoor patio space.  

Some the key features proposed by the study include: replacement of the existing seating bowl to allow for 2500 chair back seats, improved sightlines and ADA accommodations - this included the reuse of existing bowl foundations to reduce cost; a new state-of-the-art press box with a lounge/serving space and elevator access; additional restrooms and concession points of sale. Also, an expanded/renovated  home team locker room is desired to better serve student athletes and aid in recruiting.

In respect to the scale and image of the facility a new pavilion element was introduced at the existing main entry.  The pavilion is intended to create a more intentional response at the main entry while adding two required functional elements - a ticket booth and a new concession stand. 

The material palette suggested includes brick and metal panel both of which tie  back into the architectural language of the university's athletic district.

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