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The Mellon Arena "Stage" Club  Lounge was part of an expansion and renovation of Mellon Arena.  Affectionately known as the "igloo" because of its distinctive domed operable roof, this now-demolished facility needed to address issues of insufficient space and amenities. 

The new design added a linear bar of construction to the arena on the side of the building facing away from downtown.  This new construction contained ticketing, a team store and space for flexible set-up on an event-to-event basis.  


In addition, two club seating areas and associated lounges were included as part of the work. The new lounges were located in reclaimed storage space under the seating bowl.  In the illustrated lounge, the reclaimed storage space was part of the original arena stage location.  As shown on the section, a hinged portion of the seating bowl would be lifted by hydraulic arms when necessary - exposing the stage below.  


The architecture of the "stage" lounge picks up on the notion of a stage set by floating new elements off of what had one time been stage rigging elements for lighting.  In addition, the lounge bars are positioned to allow the the steel elements and steel truss which originally lifted the seating bowl  to be visually highlighted.​



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