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The Husky Legends Center resulted from expanding and remodeling Graves Annex on the University of Washington athletic campus. The existing facility houses athletic administrative offices and the main intercollegiate athletics weight room. 

Located on the east edge of the existing building the Legends Center takes advantage of views toward Lake Washington while simultaneously activating a primary campus circulation route. The addition is designed as a simple two story “bar” where an “L” of copper and glass interlock. At each end of the “bar”, two story volumes delineate the main entry and a mural display. The copper is consistent with material found on the main campus and pick up tones in the masonry skin of the existing building. The lower level of the addition is an exhibition space honoring the heritage of the Washington football program and is intended to aid in the recruitment of student/athletes by highlighting the storied history of the program. 

The upper level adds a cardiovascular area accessible from the existing weight room which was renovated as part of this project as well.

  • 2009 Architectural Showcase - Athletic Business






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