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Assemblies is an art-based line of furnishings that explores how everyday items and accessories might be re-thought and re-imagined.

This  custom furniture assembly  includes work stations for the architect's office space along with compatible shelving units.   Using a system of thru-bolting, the baltic birch work stations and shelving were shop fabricated and shipped to the site as flat panels where they were assembled.  Incorporated into each work station is a vertical panel which introduces a rhythm into the space along with providing a framework for project work to be displayed.

The ability to reduce all the shelving and work stations to a series of flat panels greatly simplified transportation and installation of the furniture and the use of thru-bolted connections became part of the aesthetic.   


Translucent polycarbonate panels are introduced into the design as lightweight modesty panels in addition to screening the through-bolted wood blocking from direct view.

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