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Freedom Fields Park is one of the busiest parks in the City of Lenexa.  The planned improvements included expanded parking and better circulation; improved baseball facilities and soccer fields.  The City's Parks and Recreation Department has also programmed two additional park shelters and restroom facilities along with an environmental education course way.  Screening of an existing restroom to improve its appearance is also included in the project scope.  Shelter and restroom improvements are currently awaiting funding.

The shelter designs are supported off a single, centrally located line of structure to maximize views and connections to the new wetlands, existing trees and sports fields.  The shelters also feature an inverted roof pitch to “present” the wood structure to the users as they approach the buildings.  Rainwater is to be collected off of the respective roofs and directed to the planned wetlands.  At the existing restroom four corten steel “art pieces” have been utilized to screen the facility and the restroom will be repainted to provide a stronger visual contrast to the pieces.  A repeating pattern punched into the corten steel provides shadowing and visual interest and is based on the shapes of a bat and ball.

“Your work on the architecture components of the Freedom Fields Plan were great.“

- Logan Wagler - Lenexa Parks & Recreation Director

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