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The Fissure House is a single family home designed for a couple with two teenagers -  the residence is located within a typical mid-western suburb.  The home is designed to take advantage of a steeply sloped, wooded site.

Wrapping itself around an existing oak tree the design engages nature and dramatic views of an adjacent creek and ponds.  The roof form “distorts” to create exterior shelter while the intersection of roof and wall creates much of the internal spatial dynamic.  The stair is located to separate public and private zones and provide a “fissure”  through which natural light filters.  The front elevation is intentionally modest - a result of the site response and a desire to have the drama of the site and interior spaces unfold as you move into and through the home.

Most of the materials utilized on the interior and exterior are consciously natural but detailed in conjunction with steel to create a contemporary language and acknowledge the assembly nature of construction.​


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