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Located in a Kansas City suburb north of downtown the DeYoung – Thomas Residence is an existing split level home with a brick veneer facade. 

Approximately 25-30 years old the home sits at the end of a cul-de-sac and has water infiltration issues created in part by an entryway that sits several feet below adjacent grade.  In addition, the previous owners added a greenhouse type glass element at the entry that the current owners would like to see removed. 

The study looks at two major options  both of which involve removing the existing greenhouse element and providing a new roof element at the entry.  The first option reworks the sidewalk and entry access to make a more intentional response and actively deal with the water issues by utilizing linear area drains.  The entry door in this option is left at its current elevation.

The second option examines raising the stair landing at the entry to create a better relationship to the surrounding grade.  In addition to the entry modifications  the study looks at holistic modifications the exterior to improve its appearance.

deyoung - Thomas residence STUDY

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