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Located in the high desert of northern Arizona on the Navajo Indian reservation, the Chinle Sports Complex is comprised of an arena and aquatics center. 

The Navajo way of life is intrinsically tied to the land and the design references this relationship in several ways.  On the west elevation are three battered elements symbolizing  the Canyon de Chelly, a sacred area just outside of Chinle where three canyons converge.  Within the canyon is the 800 foot tall Spider Rock.  Both the Canyon de Chelly and Spider Rock are linked to Navajo lore and are a source of pride in the community.  The distinctive red color of the Spider Rock is incorporated in the masonry skin of the complex. 

The complex also acknowledges Navajo tradition with east facing entries, patterns based on Navajo art and finishes tied to traditional Navajo cardinal point colors.  Day lighting and the use of natural materials such as wood further reinforce connections to the land while the arena seating pattern references a sunrise.

  • 2007 “Best Of” Awards - Southwest Contractor 

  • 2007 Merit Award - Arizona Masonry Association 

*Featured in the 2019 Netflix documentary "Basketball or Nothing"


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