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The VIP House is designed to serve as a reception/meeting space for VIP guests at Basrah Sports City in Basrah, Iraq.   Basrah Sports City is a multi-venue sports complex which includes many mixed-use amenities in support of the athletes and spectators who come  to participate in and attend events.

The design is developed to incorporate characteristics of traditional Babylonian architect within a contemporary, interpretive architectural framework.  As a single level design the project utilizes  tiered massing, a strong sense of symmetry, metal screen elements, stone exteriors and a layering of space from outside to inside to achieve this goal.

In addition, translucent fabric canopy elements are provided at the main entry and semi-private lounge spaces to create shade and a heightened sense of scale for the facility.

The plan is anchored by a central lobby space with flexible use areas on either side.  Natural lighting is provided by a central skylight and a screened monitor element at roof.  The eight semi-private lounge spaces face out onto a controlled garden space and create a transitional zone between the garden and the taller flexible use/lobby spaces.

With security of guests a key concern, access to the VIP House is controlled and secured with gated access and a perimeter fence element surrounding the entire ​complex.

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