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Located in the old Overland Park downtown area, the existing office space was a simple, open rectangular shell with demising partitions separating the space from adjacent tenants. 

Since one large open space was desirable no new partitions were added.  The focus of the design effort was to capture view outs through south facing glazing and to create a visual and organizational hierarchy in the space  through the use of a custom furniture system designed by the architects.  


Using a system of thru-bolting, the baltic birch work stations and shelving were shop fabricated and shipped to the site as flat panels where they were assembled.  Incorporated into each work station is a vertical panel which introduces a rhythm to the space along with providing a framework for project work to be displayed. To create contrast,  bolder colors are utilized on side walls while the back wall, with numerous grilles, is painted a neutral dark gray to minimize its visual impact.

Existing fixtures were changed out with an indirect lighting system for visual comfort and a marker board wall was incorporated adjacent to the conference table as well.


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