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1736 Madison is a three bedroom single family home designed for a young couple just starting out their lives together.  Located just west of downtown Kansas City - the area where the project is located is re-emerging as one of the more desirable locations in the city for young professionals to live.  New construction is sprinkled in with existing older homes many of which have been renovated.

The neighborhood is an eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional architecture and the clients desire is for a home which embraces the traditional while being a modern design.  One of the distinct challenges of the project is the steepness of the contractor-owned lot and the presence of an existing foundation from a prior build that was stopped just after the foundation was poured.

To create the greatest economy – the new home is designed to be built on the existing foundation. It also takes advantage of a  steeply sloped site allowing for garage access off a back alley.   The home incorporates a lofted gable space on the street side entry level - a nod to the adjacent homes and the traditional flavor of the existing neighborhood.

 * Designed in collaboration with client James Wehmueller



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